Give your customers something they’ve always wanted – more

You want to offer a real point of difference to your customers and business partners.

But like so many business goals, it’s easier said than done. Not to worry.

We have just what you’re looking for.

We can offer your clients a data-driven programmatic approach to marketing with the advantage of decades of highly-strategic media experience.

  • You’ll propose more finely focused marketing programs and execute a more finely tuned media buy.
  • You’ll show your customers more proof that every ad dollar spent is bringing back more than a dollar of business.
  • You’ll grow your business by helping your clients succeed with a programmatic advertising approach that isn’t just smart business, it’s something much more.

This isn’t just smart business, it’s something much more.


More Media Experience

Get all the advantages of a programmatic approach to buying advertising with the added strength of a team that has decades of direct media sales experience.


More Programmatic Ideas

Introduce your partners to a more rounded approach to marketing tactics. When we execute campaigns, we draw on years of strategic learning and a 360 degree point of view.


More Technology and Analytics

Offer your clients the benefits of programmatic technology that’s platform agnostic, using the most effective systems. Good reporting is key. We share dashboards that can be viewed 24/7 so key partners can see all tactics in one location as the campaign unfolds.


More Return on Every Dollar Spent

Your clients will see results, because we monitor every campaign closely, making adjustments in real time to make sure programmatic investment becomes the hardest working advertising in their marketing mix.

Not sure what programmatic is?


Programmatic advertising allows the University of Minnesota Alumni Association’s staff and sponsors unlimited ad inventory that specifically reach our alumni. The creation of this new revenue stream not only provides partners with a new and innovative way to reach our audience but will further fund our mission as an organization. The Big Reach Network staff engages in our success by providing the ongoing knowledge and sales support we need.

Lisa Huber

Senior Director of Marketing & Partnerships, University of Minnesota Alumni Association

Big Reach Network gave us the knowledge and technology partnerships we needed to generate revenue from programmatic advertising. One of the great things about Big Reach Network is that the company is run by people with extensive media sales experience. They understand our needs….they have even joined us on sales calls and helped us close business!

Deborah Matterson Hamlin

CEO, Irrigation Association (Irrigation & Green Industry Magazine, Irrigation Today Magazine)