Data Transfers



Big Reach Network is proud to be the exclusive partner of Farm Market iD (FMID) for the execution of targeted digital advertising campaigns that leverage FMID’s leading 1st party database of detailed crop and livestock data. Big Reach Network continuously matches the 1.8 million producer records, including 1.2 million email addresses, with current online data so we can bring your message to farmers’ desktops, tablets and mobile devices across the Web. Learn More About BRN-FMID Exclusive Partnership – Click Here

The Farm Market iD database is built from our proprietary access to the USDA’s Common Land Unit (CLU) data, as well as from the same sources as the FSA and USDA databases.

Our proprietary CLU database contains 34+ million farm fields linked to producers.

We use additional public and private data sources to improve and enhance our database. This includes land ownership data, as well as, other land and grower information.


CLU Data goes above and Beyond the standard Agriculture Data

  • CLU Data Is Verifiable
    • Validated across a variety of sources
    • Provides more consistent & accurate land measurements
    • Confirms crops reported grown, are true
  • Confirms crops reported grown, are true
    • CLU Data Allows For De-Duplication
    • Survey data can not account for duplication at certain address
    • When you start with land, the # of operations is fixed
  • CLU Data Provides More Farmer ID Matches
    • Returns more matches when compared to address data
    • We tie land acres to the address; yields more addresses
  • Data Volume
    • 2,010,000 active US farm operations (98% of NASS)
    • 4,800,000 farm owners & operators
    • 904,000,000 US vegetative acres (99% of NASS)
    • 310,000,000 crop acres connected to growers
    • 98% of US Corn Acres
    • 99% of US Soybeans Acres
    • 99% of US Wheat Acres
  • Current & Accurate
    • Total file updated annually through combination of sources
    • Continuous file update of email & postal address, phones etc.
    • Verified Audit executed annually