Partnerships make it happen.

Our Approach

Since we started in the media business, one thing has remained constant and guided our approach – there is no substitute for relationships. We’ve made it our priority to work closely with our partners, earning trust and respect along the way. It’s why we’re able to offer sales support unlike any other digital partner. We offer video training and webinars for your staff. We provide sales templates and rate calculators. We’ll even virtually join sales calls and offer advice as needed.

Want more? We’ll sell for you! Whether you want us to merely sell programmatic, or sell all your assets, we’ll use our extensive selling and sales management experience to customize a solution that will put a win in your column and put dollars on your bottom line.

Our Secret Weapon

We get a little excited when we talk about our industry-leading data-enhanced approach. Our use of multiple demand side platforms (DSP) and other online tools are pulled into a single dashboard, creating one transparent
place for aggregated data that’s easier to see and understand. It also allows adjustments while the campaign is running to increase campaign effectiveness.


What You See is What You’re Getting

At Big Reach Network, we strongly believe in transparency. So we share our proprietary on-screen reporting in real-time throughout the entire campaign. All metrics, analytics and tactical approaches are available anytime. It’s one more reason data-driven programmatic campaigns are so valuable.

What is Data-Driven Programmatic Advertising?

Simply put, it’s the electronic buying of advertising opportunities across the web and connected TV that reach your circulation or member list. No look-alike modeling. These are your actual users. It takes targeting to an entirely new level. You can allow your customers to pinpoint focused segments of their audience.

Big Reach Network works with a big list of advertising tactics, including the most effective programmatic units:

  • Display banners ads
  • Geo Fencing
  • Retargeting
  • Pre-roll Video ads
  • E-newsletter advertising
  • Native Advertising
  • Connected TV ads
  • Digital Audio
  • Facebook posts and other social media finely targeted to your audience

As digital ad placement becomes a greater share of advertisers’ annual media budgets, it’s becoming abundantly clear that data-driven campaigns offer a competitive advantage. What’s more, the measurability of their success has made them an essential tool in justifying annual ad budgets regardless of their size.